Duty of Care

  • Support, promote and protect your child’s welfare and best interests

  • We ensure that your child grows, and learns to be independent

  • We engage in safe and culturally rich rewarding experiences

  • Clear communication with updates to parents in Mandarin

Arrival Support

  • For your child after just arriving, who has limited experience

  • Support and encouragement for your child when they get homesick

  • Help alleviate the debilitating effect to their study, by encouraging social activities and recreation to maintain their health and wellbeing

Security and Safety services

  • Provide twenty-four (24) hour, seven days a week telephone advice and emergency assistance if required


Building Life Skills

  • Increasing their self-esteem through friendship and encouragement

  • To be there for moral support, also offer advice and knowledge

  • Make sure they find the best recreation activities

  • Building lasting relationships through introducing and accompanying them to activities


  • Gain firsthand insight and experience in the Australian culture and way of life

  • Enriching their life and making it enjoyable

Transfer support services

  • Welcome, and changing homestay support

  • Local orientation, establish banking, and necessities support



  • Mandarin Speaking Guardians

  • Maintain regular ongoing contact with your child

  • Provide regular updates to parents on their child’s progress in Mandarin

  • Ensure the student is represented without favour or bias

  • Attend important events, such as parent teacher interviews


  • Help to mediate disputes should they arise

  • Provide full security and safety orientation of the city and suburbs, including topics such as transport, entertainment venues, how to call for emergency assistance, police, ambulance, and medical emergencies

  • Liaise with the educational Institution on behalf of the parent, including signing documents with the educational institution

  • Welfare Guardian Support from Hello Aus Guardian means the Guardian’s main role is a supportive one. The service is extremely Personal and outside of the scope of your child’s Educational institute. It is much more comprehensive, in addition and different to their principals role, which is very limited. An essential component is establishing a trusting relationship with your child. This can only be achieved through regular and sustained personal contact in a friendly manner.

  • They are independent mature adults, that have been especially appointed to be there when needed maintaining regular contact. They can be relied on to guide, advise; and instruct your child in a range of issues including (but not limited to): Personal welfare, Life skills coaching, Social and Emotional issues, General safety and security, supporting with extracurricular activities and understanding, as well as speaking on behalf of parents in all areas of the child’s life, ensuring their time in Australia is safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

  • In order to process your application in an expedient and timely manner. The following forms need to be downloaded and electronically completed, and then returned to Hello Aus Guardian.  These PDF documents are designed to be completed electronically within the document itself, once completed you only need to click SUBMIT, follow the prompts and they will be emailed to us. You can change and make amendments as many times as you require before you submit.
    *Please ensure you do not change the FILENAME of the forms


Read, complete and email the appropriate PDF forms


  • Terms and Conditions.pdf (read)



On receipt of your completed HA Appointment of Guardianship form Hello Aus Guardian will send you the following document to be filled in.

  • Guardian Payment Arrangement.pdf (complete)